Project awards.

This project has received international recognition and awards: 

  • 2012 - Recognized as the best design and financial agreement in the petrochemical and gas-chemical sector of the international edition of the «Project Finance International».
  • 2012 - awarded the international award "Best Deal of 2012" editions Trade Finance Magazine and Global Trade Review.
  • 2014 - Awarded the prize "Global Deal in 2014 in oil and gas sector" international edition Infrastructure Journal


Production capacity.

Annual production and transportation is more than 3, 0 billion cubic meters of natural gas from «Surgil» field;
Annual production, preprocessing and transportation is more than 115 thousan tons of gas condensate from «Surgil» field;
Deep processing with extraction of valuable components in Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex.

Total production capacity of the complex is: 
387 thousand tons of polyethylene; 
83 thousand tons of polypropylene; 
102 thousand tons of distillation product; 
8 thousand tons of pyrolysis oil (which is sent to Bukhara oil-processing plant for further processing and production of products.)


Gas separation Plant.

Gas separation plant was built by «Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.» during 36 months. From August 2015 the plant started receiving natural gas from Surgil, West and East Berdakh fields. Now, the plant carries out the separation of the incoming natural gas such as methane fraction (sales gas), ethane, LPG and condensate.


Ethylene production plant.

The construction of the ethylene plant was carried out by GS Engineering & Construction within 40 months on the basis of ethylene and propylene production technology of (KBR) company, with the license of which works more than 100 plants more than 27 countries of world.

Polyethylene and polypropylene production plant was designed and constructed by «Samsung Engineering» within 38 months, the licensor of the technology is world famous company «Lotte Chemical », by the license of which works large scale productions in 18 countries of the world.


Plants for the production of polyethylene and polypropyl.

First high-density polyethylene of UGCC was produced on the 25th of October of 2015 and Since 5 November of 2015, production of the polypropylene started with variety of grades. The plants were designed and constructed by «Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.», within 38 months, grantor of license for technology are world famous company «Lotte Chemical», by the license of which works large-scale productions in 18 countries of the world.

Here in polymer plant, there is carried out polymerization reaction, separation, drying and granulation of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Currently, Usyurt Gas Chemical Complex has already produced more than 180 thousand tons of polyethylene (with 4 grades) and more than 40 thousand tons of polypropylene (with 11 grades).


Power supply plant.

Was designed and constructed by the "Hyndai Engineering" company within 36 months and it supplies with power, nitrogen gas, technical air, high pressure steam and treated water for the production needs of whole complex. Also, within the framework of UGCC project, gas turbine generators of "Siemens" company are in operation, which provides maximum energy effectiveness of entire complex on the whole and supplies energy resources to the external power network simultaneously.


From December, 2015 export of polymers is began At present, about 90% produced polymer products has already been realized to the export in the amount more than 150 million USD dollar to the central and east Asia, CIS, and Europe.

At the moment, there are agreements with foreign partners on the realization of more than 90% produced polymer products in 2016 to the export.

In addition to the polymer products, shipment of the distillation product and pyrolysis oil produced by UGCC is organized to Bukhara oil processing plant for further processing and fueld production.

For the creation of the comfortable living condition for the employees working in complex, there were built new residential settlement which is not inferior than available city accommodations. There are built 40 cottage by standard design, 3 small family dormitory accommodation designated for 144 people and Dekhan market. In the current year, there is planned construction of kindergarten with 140 seats, general education school for 384 students and modern policlinics with 140 patient visits as well as further development and creation of social infrastructures of whole residential settlement.



Total production capacity of the complex is 387 thousand tons of polyethylene

At the moment, polymer plat produces such brands of polyethylene as FL7000, M8000, MF5000, BL5200, BL6200, J2200, J2210

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Total production capacity of the complex is 83 thousand tons of polypropylene

At the moment, polymer plat produces such brands of the polypropylene are produced J-150, J-160, J-170T, L-270A, Y-120, Y-130, FO-130A, FC-550, FR-160, FR-170H, J-550S, J-560S, J-570S, B-310, B-320, J-320, J-330, J-350, J-360, J-370, JM-370, JM-375, JM-380

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