Joint venture “UZ-KOR GAS CHEMICAL” LLC is the one of the major leading manufacturer of the polymer products in the Central Asia based on the high-level processing technologies of the natural gas of the Ustyurt region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The company performs important economic and social functions:

- investments attracted to the company contribute to the transition of the economy from a raw material model to a processing one, and contribute to increasing the country's competitiveness;
- demonstrating the use of advanced modern technologies for the deep processing of extracted natural gas and related products for the extraction of hydrocarbons, the Company is an example of the implementation of the ideas of the rational and efficient use of natural and energy resources;
- provides significant energy and energy resources to the country's energy system;
- provides the needs of various sectors of the economy in energy carriers and hydrocarbon raw materials by supplying high-quality gas and gas products;
- improves working conditions and quality of life for workers and their families;
-priority of rational use and efficient consumption of energy resources.

The basis of the Company's IMS Policy is:
- priority of life and health of workers;
- understanding of the importance of preserving biodiversity and generally protecting the environment of the region;
- responsibility to interested parties in relation to the results of operations;
- priority of rational use and efficient consumption of energy resources.

The main strategic goals of the Company are:
− in the field of quality management: stable high quality of polymer products, timely uninterrupted supply of products to consumers;
− in the field of occupational health and safety: safe working conditions, the absence of injuries and occupational diseases associated with the professional activities of the Company's personnel, and people in the area of work under the management of the Company;
− in the field of environmental protection: lack of environmental impacts related to non-compliance with environmental requirements, non-rational use or excessive consumption of natural resources;
− in the field of energy management: improving the energy efficiency of production processes, and the activities of the Company as a whole.


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