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Invitation for participation of Competitive selection №CS-309-20 for conducting an audit of the management system labor protection in an organization approved by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 27, 2017 No. 246

Deadline for competitive selection: Before 1pm on Tashkent time on 21th January 2021 y.

The potential suppliers will be disqualified from participation in competitive selection:
a) which are under reorganization (amalgamation, joining, separation, restructuring), liquation or bankruptcy;
b) which didn’t submit all the necessary documents for competitive selection within set timeframe;
c) which have not fulfilled their commitments undertaken on previously concluded contracts;
d) which have pending litigation with Customer;
e) registered in states or territories providing a preferential tax regime and / or not providing for the disclosure and provision of information during financial transactions (offshore zones), or having accounts in banks located in offshore zones in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
f) not specified in the unified register of professional participants in the labor protection services market.

Competitive bidders must send a quotation of the price and submit electronic copies of the following documents (RCM No.246 of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 27, 2017):
1. Information about the organization, including providing documentary evidence of the full compliance of the audit organization with the requirements regarding the implementation of labor protection audit activities established by law;
2. Certificate of state registration of the organization;
3. Information about employees engaged in occupational safety auditing (copies of qualification certificates of specialists in conducting an audit of the occupational safety and health management system).

Please send all electronic copies of the above documents to and 

With respect and hope for long-term cooperation.

Commercial proposals should be timely delivered by courier mail, or by fax or e-mail.
Exec.: Kholbutaev A.
Add.: .: +99861-226-71-89


Total production capacity of the complex is 387 thousand tons of polyethylene

At the moment, polymer plat produces such brands of polyethylene as FL7000, M8000, MF5000, BL5200, BL6200, J2200, J2210

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Total production capacity of the complex is 83 thousand tons of polypropylene

At the moment, polymer plat produces such brands of the polypropylene are produced J-150, J-160, J-170T, L-270A, Y-120, Y-130, FO-130A, FC-550, FR-160, FR-170H, J-550S, J-560S, J-570S, B-310, B-320, J-320, J-330, J-350, J-360, J-370, JM-370, JM-375, JM-380

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