Invitation for participation of Competitive selection №NDE-08/19 for the procurement of consulting services for the preparation of workflow, regulatory and technical documentation for accreditation in the Non-Destructive Laboratory of Uzstandart Agency in accordance with attached specification.

Deadline for competitive selection: Before 3pm on Tashkent time on 4th October 2019 y.

The Competitive selection is open to legal entities, registered in the state bodies at their location and having a bank account. 
The potential suppliers will be disqualified from participation in competitive selection: 
a) which are under reorganization (amalgamation, joining, separation, restructuring), liquidation or bankruptcy;
b) which didn’t submit all the necessary documents for competitive selection within set timeframe;
c) which have not fulfilled their commitments undertaken on previously concluded contracts;
d) which have pending litigation with JV “Uz-Kor Gas Chemical” LLC

With respect and hope for long-term cooperation.

Due to the urgency of the order, please provide commercial proposal by courier mail, e-mail, fax or handed within 30 (thirty) days from the date of announcement.
Address:  Republic of Karakalpakistan, Kungrad region, Kirkkiz settlement, UGCC
Phone: (+99861) 226-71-47


Total production capacity of the complex is 387 thousand tons of polyethylene

At the moment, polymer plat produces such brands of polyethylene as FL7000, M8000, MF5000, BL5200, BL6200, J2200, J2210

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Total production capacity of the complex is 83 thousand tons of polypropylene

At the moment, polymer plat produces such brands of the polypropylene are produced J-150, J-160, J-170T, L-270A, Y-120, Y-130, FO-130A, FC-550, FR-160, FR-170H, J-550S, J-560S, J-570S, B-310, B-320, J-320, J-330, J-350, J-360, J-370, JM-370, JM-375, JM-380

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