Joint venture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea “UZ-KOR GAS CHEMICAL” LLC is the one of the major leading manufacturer of the polymer products in the Middle Asia based on the high-level Ustyurt GCC natural gas processing technology.

Applying sophisticated technologies of produced natural gas and other hydrocarbon by-products processing to materials useful in the society we make a substantial contribution to savings of natural resources and keeping of ecological balance. Our investments contribute to transition of economy from raw model to processing one, recovering competitiveness of the country, stimulate development of scientific and educational potential. Our products establish new living standards available to everyone. Using a natural basis we change the outward things assisting people in their aspiration to improve own life.

Production plants of the Company are located on the Ustyurt plateau of Kungrad district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, unique fauna and flora of which is the valuable component of formation of biodiversity of the Central Asia region.

Giving weight to conservation of biodiversity and overall regional environment protection, understanding a priority of life and health of employees, considering scales, specificity and complexity of polymer products manufacturing processes requiring primary technological and supporting processes performance quality control, and taking into consideration the responsibility to the interested parties in relation to performance, the Company is conscious of the need for introduction of:

- international environmental management standard;
- up-to-date international health and safety requirements;
- output products quality assurance and control system.

The Company management has made a strategic decision on development and introduction of integrated management system meeting the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, and further support of the operations.

The primary strategic objectives of the Company in the context of quality, health, safety and environment is the enforcement of requirements to implementation of technological processes, minimization of occupational hazards and damage to health of employees and environmental impact mitigation.

The following directions are determined in order to achieve the primary objectives:
1. Promotion of employees to be conscious of importance of compliance with the operating procedures, regulations and other requirements to products quality, health, safety and environment, as well as promotion of their involvement into formation and development of IMS;
2. Improvement of process and operations performance management methods to achieve the most rational use of resources and environmental impact mitigation;
3. Achievement of the most optimum process equipment performance;
4. Improvement of labour and environmental safety management and control system.

For the purpose of implementation of this Policy the Top Management undertakes:
- To assure, looking up to the needs and expectations of consumers, the appropriate output product quality;
- To comply with the applicable legislative health, safety, environment requirements and compliance obligations;
- To prevent environmental contamination and damage to health of employees and persons being within the working area under the supervision of the Company;
- To provide availability of resources required for achievement of objectives and goals of IMS compliance with the established requirements, enhancement of efficiency and continuous improvement;
- To inform and maintain a feedback with all interested parties on a regular basis;
- To arrange conditions for open demonstration to the interested parties of the enterprise aspirations and intentions with regard to quality, occupational safety and ecology;
- To analyze the IMS performance;
- To improve the Integrated Management System on a continual basis.

IMS Policy is the guidance for each employee of JV “UZ-KOR GAS CHEMICAL” LLC and forms the basis for determination of objectives in these fields and further activities to their achievement.


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